Nigerian Painter

Ronke Aina Scott


“I also enjoy painting in pointillism. The painstaking repetitive nature of pointillism work frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for accident and grace to influence the finished product. Lately, I decided to explore the use of the Ankara fabric, an indigenous fabric synonymous with the African culture.”

Ronke is a very prolific artist whose work tends to be simple, yet with a mass 'African' appeal. Her subjects are diversified, but mostly she is inspired by the African woman in society. As an artist, Ronke is very versatile, she is able to exhibit dexterity in the use of Oil paints, Pastel, Acrylic, Gouache and even Pen & Ink as a medium and her technique leans towards abstract.

Ronke took an interest in art and began drawing with colored pencils and crayon as a young girl at home. Her talent blossomed in primary school and while in secondary school she won many awards in Art

Ronke stated; “I was fortunate to have a Mother who was creative and so versatile. In my tender years, she taught me the rudiments of drawing. My mother’s still-life drawings were a wonderful expression on paper. From my mother I learned how to draw a box, a ball, tables and Chairs etc., she set my foot on the pathway of fueling my passion.

Ronke furthered her studies at the Fine Art Department of the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State, Nigeria and graduated in 1995, with a Second-Class Honors, Upper division and went on to display her paintings and drawings in the many exhibitions.

In 2014, Ronke was among the 10-man delegation from Nigeria to attend the 2014 International Folk Art Market, Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ronke states; “Over the years I have tried my hands on various art mediums; Oil paint, Gouache, pastel, pen & ink and water color.”  Ronke is currently working in Acrylic and finds it absolutely delightful medium to work with.”

Art for Ronke is evolving. “It is an ever changing and intriguing course of action I look forward to the excitement and challenges I am bound to face in my “art walk.”




1995 – Best of Ife '95
1997 – MinajTV Exhibition
2007 – Naija Woman Exhibition by Tourshop

2013 – Colours on my Mind (Solo Exhibition)

2014 – Zonta Women Conference, Lagos , Nigeria

2014 – Group Exhibition “Pastiche”

2014 – Lakeville Art Festival, Minnesota, US

(Ronke’s works were juried and selected for the Art Festival)

2018 - And She Persevered (2nd Solo Exhibition)
2019 - My ArtWalk held at Ashanti Art Gallery, Abuja, Nigeria



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