Ghanian Painter

Francis Amoah

Francis Amoah Photo1.peg.jpeg

"I open my heart and mind to you, through my palette knife, brush strokes, and the use of color in the most vibrant form, with depth and with feelings."

Ghanaian based painter Francis Amoah, born in Accra, which is the capital of Ghana.  After graduating from high school Amoah attended the Art College in Accra where he developed his skills and truly feel in love with the arts and chose painting and graphic design.


Amoah brings an intelligence of color concept, creativity vision, emotional and cultural flair to each painting.


"The image and composition of my work talks about the indigenous, traditional and contemporary Ghanaian way of life. My compositions often put you in a silent and reflective mood. They create a sense of curiosity about the entire picture in the observer's mind.”

Amoah creativity is developed in cultural experiences, which has shown his genius to be humble, dramatic, powerful giving women the focus of his vision, and of the magical and mystical region of West Africa.