Zimbabwaen Stone Sculptor

Cloudious Muhomba

Claudius Muhomba

Born: Guruve, Africa 1970

Lives in: Tengenenge, North Zimbabwe

Tribe: Korekore, nzou samanyanga totem

Specialty: Sculptor & Stone Carver

Influence: Modern sculpture, Shona Traditions

“I am working for my family and my country as well. I am building my name and my nation abroad that is why I am always advising artists to work hard and be creative. They must be wary and more devoted to their works, they must mull over their work first before money or cash”.

At the time of his birth, his father was working at a farm in Centenary. At the age of five Cloudious went to reside with his uncle in Mutare where he started schooling in 1978.

While he stayed with his uncle, his father came for work to Tengenenge Farm. After a few years, Cloudious rejoined his family and came in contact with stone sculpting at the Tengenenge Art Community. At first, he simply used to observe the artists at work to start learning the techniques of sculpting and finally in 1985, at the age of 15, he created his first sculpture, a representation of a monkey.

Cloudious continued schooling up to finishing his ordinary level in 1991 where he moved to Tengenenge Art Gallery to persist and pursuit his carrier as a stone carver. After his first attempts with the creations of monkeys he started to focus on octopuses and later on on hands. According to him, hands are vital for the reason that they make possible for every individual to do his work well thus Cloudious creates them in form of candle-stands or as trays.

At present, his specialty is the creation of lizards as decorative pieces for indoors as well as outdoors, often fashioned in a functional manner such as bowls and water bath. In 1992 Cloudious exhibited his works at Chapungu Art Gallery, from 1995 onwards they exhibited in Netherlands, Australia, Cyprus, America, Britain and South Africa.

Cloudious is married to Nelia Dickson from Guruve and together they have three children, Hilsa, Vanessa and McCloud.