Zimbabwaen Stone Sculptor

Agrippa Tirigu

Born: Guruve, Zimbabwe 1987

Lives in: Tengenenge, North Zimbabwe

Specialty: Sculptor & Stone Carver

Influence: Modern sculpture, Shona Traditions

"I like stone because of its inherent natural beauty. Every stone has a sculpture already hidden inside it and it is my duty to discover it and set it free."

Sculpture is a big challenge for me, and it is my calling to be a sculptor. I do it to express how I experience life. Its my life job. I like carving big sculptures, which I imagine being put in public places, where people gather. I love piercing the stone, putting holes through it. This gives me great satisfaction. Once I have carved a hole through the sculpture it is done. I like to represent the movement of water in one sculpture.

I have been developing my own unique style, I like to leave the original heart of the stone. I like to show how the life of plants grow. Representing all the stages of one sculpture in one stone. I have my own trademarks which are my distinctive style. I like to represent the movement of water in one sculpture. I’m one of those people who like an adventurous life . My experience comes from these kind of environment of my experience , each and everything I meet in my life so at times I find a connection between what I am experiencing and what I can see in the stone.

At times while I am carving I feel one with the sculpture."