About Us

MorAfrica is an artist space in time, globally dedicated to promoting artist from within the African diaspora promoting modern, contemporary, and traditional art forms; and bringing it to the world.
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Founder of MorAfrica

I have deep roots in many African countries traveling extensively throughout the continent from Morocco, Nigeria, Ghana, Mali, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe to name just a few.

My first adventure into Africa was through the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco that journey was awe inspiring strolling through the colors of the Tangier market.


I grew up in the church and has always believed in a spiritual awaken and concluded he had a spiritual encounter that moved him to start MorAfrica.


For more than 25 years, I have been involved  in high tech in the heart of Silicon Valley and involved with several early stage startup companies, which has carried that initial start of MorAfrica in 1989 and the Rebirth in 2020.


MorAfrica is extremely excited to bring to the public a spectrum of creative and high quality sculptures, expressive painting, and other artistic expressions.


The MorAfrica acquisition team ensures that the most creative products are carefully selected by working directly with the artist. More importantly our responsibility is to do right by the artist by simply paying a fair compensation for the work they do.